BSMQ Skilled Program open as of 29 July 2019

This just in from Migration Queensland–the BSMQ Skilled Program is now open from today 29 July 2019.

Please see below post from Migration Queensland:
The BSMQ SKILLED PROGRAM is now OPEN from today 29 July 2019. 
Please see new Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists here.
Before submitting your EOI, please review BSMQ’s new QSOLs to ensure your occupation is on the relevant lists and you meet any new criteria.
A NEW EOI with a brand new EOI number must be submitted from today. Past and/or updated EOI’s WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.
Please do not call or email BSMQ to inform us you have submitted your EOI as this slows down processing times.
For ‘Working in Queensland’ Applicants:
Subclass 190 – need to be have 6 months work experience (minimum 35 hours per week) in Queensland and a 1 year job offer.
Subclass 489 – need to have 3 months LIVING and WORK experience (minimum 35 hours per week) in REGIONAL Queensland and a 1 year job offer.
BSMQ will open up 489 processing for a limited period only – until mid-August 2019, to allow enough time to process applications. This is due to Department of Home Affairs announcing that the final date of nomination by States and Territories for the 489 as being 10 September 2019 to allow time for lodgement of final 489 visa applications.
Implementation of the new subclass 491 Regional Work (Provisional) visa will take place on 16 November 2019. 489 applicants will receive priority processing during this period and the time to receive an invitation for the 190 may take longer.
If you are eligible for the 489 visa, please submit your EOI as soon as possible, and have all your supporting documents ready to provide to as soon as you receive the invitation from BSMQ.
The 489 – Small Business Owner (SBO) Program IS CLOSED until further notice.
The BSMQ Business Program is OPEN and any applicants must submit a new EOI.
Contact our office today to find out more.

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